Conflict Resolution and Dreaming Secrets – How to Fix a Broken Relationship

By Christina Sponias

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is the best guide you could ever find in order to fix a broken relationship. The dreaming secrets you are about to learn will completely change the way you feel.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is constantly protecting you from the attacks of the wild side of your conscience. Your wild and violent side keeps trying to control your behavior, while the unconscious mind keeps helping your human side evolve and dominate your mind.

Since love is the most important matter of your life and it could bring you many dangerous frustrations, the unconscious mind worries very much about your mental health when you are in love.

This is why it sends you many detailed dreams containing objective information about the person you love. You learn everything about them, through analyzing the unconscious messages in your own dreams.

Conflict resolution is one of the most important functions of dreams about love. If you want to fix a broken relationship, you must absolutely learn all the details you can about the personality of the special person. This way, you won’t make mistakes, but do only what will bring positive results and will certainly bring you together as a couple in perfect sync.

Sometimes conflicts help a relationship mature. Don’t think that a separation is the end of the world. Do you know how many couples have separated but finally understood that they needed one another after this experience? I can tell you that there are so many that they cannot be counted.

You will find a way to fix everything. Start having an optimistic attitude, because the unconscious mind will help you for sure.

You won’t do anything successfully without understanding the meaning of your actions. The unconscious mind will help you make an action plan, and succeed without a doubt.

However, be aware that perhaps a reconciliation won’t be the best thing for you. If you have a bad relationship, but you are insisting on continuing this relationship which is a big a mistake, the unconscious mind will help you forget the wrong person and find the right one.

The unconscious mind keeps you balanced and helps you act with wisdom.

I’ve cured many people through dream therapy; dreams about love are the most common ones. I can tell you that sometimes the conflicts put an end to a big mistake, preventing more suffering in the future.

Sometimes, after a dream analysis, the dreamer simply understands that his or her partner was not the person he had imagined. Their separation was obviously something that would happen sooner or later.

So, don’t conclude that I’m telling you that the unconscious mind will help you get your ex back no matter what. Only if this relationship is really the ideal one for you, will the unconscious mind help you remain together.

If your current partner is the right person for you, your relationship will be fixed, and you’ll never again stay far away from one another.

Keep a dream journal, and the unconscious mind will constantly guide you in your dreams. You’ll permanently avoid all conflicts in life and have a perfect relationship.

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Getting Out of a Slump – How to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love With You All Over Again

By Jennifer Sorensen

Have you been through a rough patch? Do you want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you all over again? Do you want him to go crazy over you? If so, this is the most important page you’ll ever read. I strongly urge you to pay close attention and read every word of this page. You are about to discover the sure fire tips to getting over a slump and making your boyfriend fall in love with you all over again…

Here are the sure fire tips to getting out of a slump and make your boyfriend fall in love with you…

Be In The Moment – Your relationship can have real intimacy only if both of you are in the present and enjoy the moment. If you are thinking about the past or the future(commitment), you are suffering because you are burning emotional energy on the uncontrollable. You need to let go and focus on the present moment. When you are in the room, be in the room and share things. Don’t think of something else or don’t get self conscious. Enjoy the moment. It will make him lighten up and be downright honest with you.

Be Honest – Being honest in a relationship really helps. A man loves a woman who is completely honest to him and always tells the truth. This will get him to be honest with you and love you even more deeply. And also make sure that you are honest with your compliments. Many women lie in order to get their boyfriends approval. Trust me, doing this thing will only screw up your relationship further. Men may not be able to see the truth right away but eventually they do. And when they do, they might never come back to you. So always be honest.

Appreciate Him – Every man loves to be appreciated by the woman he loves. Your man will never leave if you appreciate him. For men, appreciation from a woman lets them know that they are keeping her happy. Your man wants to know that he is keeping you happy. Stop trying to boss him around in the relationship and let him do this own thing.

He will definitely treat you well in order to get your appreciation. There are lots of things you can do to let him know that you appreciate him. You can take him to the game, buy him a gift or give him some nice massages. Doing things like cooking his favorite food is also something he will find attractive and it will make him love you deeply. Release your maternal side and let him know that you love him deeply.

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Relationships – 5 Turn Ons For Men That You Do Not Know About

By Jim Cunningham

How to turn your man on is a common Google search.  You may think this is solely sexual, but ignore the rumors, your man is more complicated than that.  There are several factors that make up his exciter.  The mistake women make in their approach to men is the tendency to think like a woman.  I know it seems natural for you to think like a woman, but forget that.  You got to get into his head; think like a man.  That’s where you are in luck, I am going to give you 5 turn ons for men – guaranteed to give him chills.

1. Laughing is sexy.  Guys pay attention when a woman laughs.  It can be a turn on.  It usually means you are happy.  It might say you are funny.  It may mean you like his sense of humor.  It suggests you are a fun person.  Sometimes it is how you laugh.  Caution, snorting when you laugh nullifies all that was just said about laughing being a turn on.

2. Sassy is fun.  It is playful.  It can be verbal sparring and witty.  It’s a little smart ass, but in a fun way.  A sassy woman knows how to put her man in his place in such a way that he likes it.  This woman has skill.  She says whatever she wants with a smile on her face.  Huge turn on!

3. Kissing is hot.  Please, do not forget how to kiss your man.  There is hardly anything more provocative than a woman’s lips.  The softness drives him wild.  If you are a boring kisser then take some lessons.  Use your imagination when it comes to kissing.  There’s the neck kiss, ear kiss, cheek kiss, lip kiss, slow kiss, sultry kiss, wet kiss, french kiss, eskimo kiss, and on you go.  Try this, walk up to your man, lightly put you lips on his, pause there for a moment, then walk away.  If you only knew what that would do to him.

4. A tinge of jealousy is attractive. We are not talking about psycho jealousy.  But a tinge makes him feel special.  It says you are watching out for your position.  It means you have sharp claws just beneath the surface, ready to be displayed if some nasty skank gets too close.  He likes that, trust me.

5. A compliment goes a long way.  Go ahead and tell him he has a nice butt.  He may roll his eyes at you, on the outside.  But he’ll be looking at that butt in the mirror when he gets his first chance.  That is real inside information.  Men like to be complimented.  It is not gay or metro-sexual.  It also says much about you.  Only a secure person can give another a compliment.  So say it when it comes to your mind.  We ought to be in the business of making people feel good.

Relationships are not all about men.  He ought to be reading what turns on a woman.  But for you, realizing that a man has many buttons, not just the sex button, is important.  If you are after a one night stand, this article was not for you.  But for the person interested in a true relationship, it is ok to want to make your man happy.  Go for it.

Communicating with people may be his best attribute. He has the knack. They listen, learn, and applaud. Formal education is in place, but life education makes his message real.

His incredibly diverse background brings to the table an experience that is in no way theoretical, but both practical and real. He has watched and experienced the difficulties life brings, especially to families. He has rebounded in his own life. Put all this together and be warned – His snappy, humorous, educated, passionate, lived out, and sometimes sarcastic wisdom will offend you, move you, humor you, but most of all it will direct you to what he calls LIVING FOR KEEPS.

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How to Make Him Think of Me Constantly? He Won’t Be Able to Stop Thinking About You After This Point

If you want your guy to keep you in his mind always and do not know how to do it, try these simple steps below and see if they work for you:

Give him a memorable experience
Whatever you plan to do, make it memorable and leave happy thoughts. Even a simple date or an island getaway can leave some footprints not only in his mind but his heart as well. Make each moment spent with you a meaningful one. Instead of nagging and fighting, strive to be happy and if ever you have differences or misunderstandings, try to resolve them right away.

Leave a powerful scent
Put on an enticing scent that he can remember even when you are not around. You can also spray some of your scent on his bed and pillows so that every time he goes to bed the last thing that will come into his mind is you.

Send him love quotes
Send him one quote each day that he can read for the rest of the day. Even a tough guy can softened by a sweet and lovely text message. Try to keep the messages low and never try to flood his cell phone with a lot of these.

Give him a photograph of you
Give him a photo of you that he can place in his wallet or something that he can frame and hang on his bedroom wall. A photograph is a good reminder of you so, every time he opens his wallet or stays in his bedroom, he will have a good look on your lovely face even in your absence.

Don’t call him too often
If you really want your guy to miss you, never call him every now and then to make a follow-up on his every move. Give him a little space to move and make him wonder about you. If you let his phone ring every hour, you will appear to be needy and clingy and he might slowly walk away from you.

Leave a little mystery for your man
Tease him with information about yourself. Don’t try to pour out everything about you in just one go. Leave something that you can share with him the next time you see each other. Keep him wondering and mystified.

One thing to measure how much he longs for you is when he thinks of you constantly. If you just follow the tips that were laid out for you, you will become victorious in your quest of making him miss you so much.

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How to Keep Him From Leaving You? Here is What Will Help You Keep Your Man From Leaving You

By Russell Jackson

It is understandable that you want to keep your guy in the relationship and keep him from leaving you. Here are some powerful tips that can help you keep your guy in good times and even in bad:

Take good care of yourself
Always find time to take good care of yourself. This means never neglect your physical appearance and hygiene. Men are very particular about a woman’s hygiene. So always look neat and smell good wherever you go and even if you are just staying at home.

Always leave him some space
Men want to keep their freedom always. Stop telling him what he cannot do and don’t keep him from having good times with his friends. For him to have a healthy life, he should also have time to spend with other people like his friends and family. Never allow to make his world revolve solely on you.

Be tactful in your words and actions
Always choose your words and try to talk to him in a nice manner. Never embarrass your man in front of other people especially his friends by criticizing him or telling him that he’s done something wrong. Always give him respect and never hurt his feelings by saying something you don’t mean.

Be a dependent woman

Don’t depend on your man about so many things. Be the kind of woman who gets busy with the other stuff in your life. Try to stand on your own and decide for yourself. Being too needy or clingy is a big no-no to guys.

Never contradict your man
This is not saying that you don’t give out your opinion or agree with him on everything. You have to learn to accept each other’s view and respect it. It is a fact that you will never agree on everything, but learn to disagree in a decent way. Compromise and meet half way to avoid fighting and misunderstandings.

Be loving and understanding
Always make your guy feel special and always let him know his worth. Your guy maybe going through a lot of stress and troubles, so you have to be there for him and always be available to lend a helping hand or listening ears to him.

Always spend quality time with him
Your work and other commitments give you lesser time to spend with each other. The number of hours you are together is nothing compared to how you spend those limited time. Always bank on happy and memorable memories each time you are together.

To avoid all the heartaches and crying moments, always keep your guy happy and contented with you always. To keep a relationship strong and moving, it takes the two of you to exert effort.

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